VIP Jet Chartered

VIP Jet Chartered

Chartering an aircraft enables you the flexibility to suit your own travel schedule and practically eliminates waiting, allowing you to make much more productive use of your time.

Charter flights offer absolute convenience in air travel, as all flights can be tailored to suit your budget, time-frame, and aircraft preference. Aircraft charter flights enable you to conduct your business effectively, saving you money and freeing up your time. Flight charter brings freedom and security that scheduled air carriers simply cannot provide.

The benefit of private jet chartered

  1. Fly direct to remote locations.
  2. Eliminate the need for connecting flights.
  3. No waiting for check-in.
  4. Visit multiple locations in a day.
  5. Move a group with one phone call.
  6. Reduce travel expenses (accommodation, travel allowances, meals, lost time etc)
  7. Vary your itinerary.

ELI provides air charter services throughout Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippine, Hong Kong, China, Australia and the Pacific Region. Charter flights are available 24 hours a day.

Whether it be group passenger charter or urgent evacuation charter, a corporate transfer or work mission, ELI will deliver the aircraft charter solution to meet your needs, quickly and efficiently.

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