Aircraft Management

Aircraft Management

Rely on ELI Management for complete freedom from the complexities of day-to-day flight operations and gain peace of mind from knowing your aircraft is being handled professionally and efficiently by the best in the business. Our turnkey aircraft management solutions cover all aspects of aircraft ownership.

Selection and acquisition of aircraft
The decision to choose purchasing aircraft is very critical requirement. The aircraft must meet your desired capabilities, as well as being cost effective and not a risk of significant unforeseen expense down the track. The aircraft must be carefully selected in terms of capacity and performance, operating costs, availability of spare parts and suitable maintenance providers, and likelihood of subsidisation from additional charter work or fractional ownership. An aircraft can appear to be a good buy, yet have hidden flaws which may bite the unsuspecting owner, so careful research is essential.
Once the criteria for a suitable aircraft have been established, sourcing appropriate and available aircraft and making comparisons can be achieved with our mix of experience and worldwide connections.
About the Program
Comprehensive aircraft management allows you to enjoy all the benefits of ownership without the hassles.

Cost Savings
Attain unmatched cost savings in key operational areas.

As part of the reputation and long term agreement with several MRO, ELI has able to make negotiation with maintenance to obtain extensive cost savings. Receive extensive cost savings on critical operational expenses such as jet fuel, FBO fees and services, crewmember travel and training, aircraft insurance and maintenance, travel emergency medical services, technical, navigation, and communication subscriptions, international services, and EJM private jet charter.
Average saving include:

  1. Fuel cost is lower than individual ownership
  2. Crew Training is lower than individual ownership
  3. Maintenance is lower than individual ownership
  4. Travel cost is less than individual ownership

Protection and Confidentiality

Keep your flight activities private.
ELI recognizes and respects your need for confidentiality and has many programs in place to ensure your travels remain private.

Flight Operations

Operate your aircraft with precision and efficiency.
ELI performs all flight operations and manages crew activities to maximize the operations of your aircraft.
These activities include conducting and coordinating classroom and simulator training for crewmembers, scheduling crew and aircraft for flights, providing flight crew travel support, arranging on board catering and ground transportation, facilitating crew communications, dispatching and following flights, making international travel services available, and taking care of unplanned aircraft repair for quick trip resumption.

Risk Management

Find ways to reduce your operational, security, or financial risks.
ELI will assess these risks and achieve greater safety and security goals for you and your aircraft. Rigorous programs such as an Emergency Response Plan (ERP) and Safety Management System (SMS) elevate you and your aircraft to an exceptional level of preparedness for any potential situation. Additionally, ELI provides real-time threat assessments for current and future travel plans and provides specialty emergency training to crewmembers to deal with inflight emergencies of all kinds.

Flight Crew

Hire, train, and retain the best flight crew for all your missions.
Selecting and allowing only the best in the industry to serve as your crew, ELI will recruit, hire, and train highly-qualified crew members. In addition to recruiting, hiring, and training your crew, ELI manages all the daily details of your aircraft’s personnel requirements. From administering payroll, employment taxes, and health benefits to managing ongoing employee relationships and conflict resolution, your crew is taken care of by a professional human resources team.

Finance Administration

Know where you stand financially with ELI at all times.
ELI’s finance team will work closely with your designated financial representative to provide customized reporting and easy-to-comprehend invoices. Each invoice is reviewed and audited for all aircraft-related costs and included in one simple monthly statement, tailored to your specific need

Aircraft Maintenance

Make sure your aircraft is always in top flying condition.
ELI's fleet maintenance team operates under the most stringent maintenance procedures in private aviation today. Your aircraft is continuously monitored by specialized maintenance coordinators, providing extensive support to keep your aircraft airworthy. ELI’s team continually improve safety operations by participating in comprehensive annual maintenance training programs. Additionally, if your aircraft requires an emergency repair, our Engineer can coordinate and dispatched to your location to fix the problem and ensure your aircraft is flying safely as soon as possible.

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